IGC is internationally renowned for providing, distributing, and producing concrete frameworks, formwork planning software in 2D and 3D, and formwork technologies. We intend to provide economical yet superclass solutions for shoring and concrete forming.

Our highly efficient professionals, experienced workers, and specialists thrive to deliver the best services to our customers. Concretes are the fundamental components of any construction. Slacking on its quality can make you pay a huge price later. We provide strong and well-built concrete line pumping services. It is the most cost-efficient, reliable, and infallible method of laying concretes. If you are looking for instant and fresh concrete then go for our volumetric concretes. It uses high-level technology to mix concrete batches. Volume concretes are produced considering the quality standards of weight and volume. It is the best-suited option for commercial and residential projects.

Our services comprise of constructing layout for structural support, creating a design layout, coring, forming, cutting, finishing, cleanup, and protection of heavy and light industrial as well as commercial projects, agricultural units, multi-family units, chemical treatment facilities and many more.

  1. Replace and remove existing concrete.
  2. Create grade beams, structural fountains, slabs, and poured walls.
  3. Craft machinery pits, industrial equipment pads, holding tanks, machinery pits, and mezzanines.
  4. Lay down pavings for parking, sidewalks, streets, etc.

The process is started with surveying the site. We are an expert at site preparation, surveying and layout, base paving, earthwork, asphalt paving, detention facilities, and private and public utilities.


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