The most challenging part of any task is the estimation. We provide accurate cost, labor, and raw material estimation before any job. We analyze and examine the process keenly to keep you prepared for all construction parameters beforehand.

We take care of loads of projects throughout the year, which has made us an expert in budgeting, resource management, labor management, and the overall estimation of the project.

So, if you are planning to get a task done with us or on your own, don’t forget to try out our estimation services. We will deal with all the administrative requirements of your project, so you no longer have to worry about payrolls, raw materials, and time management.

We manage a centralized accounting system for our projects to ensure chief and high levels of security, efficiency, and accuracy. While doing a job, we make timely invoices, note down every requirement, and proceed as per the prior estimations.

Constructions, projects, and site works are a hassle for a layman. You need to deal with hundreds of aspects. However, with IGC by your side, all your concerns become ours. So, just give us a call and enjoy the best estimation and project management solutions.