Project Management & Scheduling 

Each project requires a proper idea and well-planned implementation. With IGC, your projects will be nurtured under the supervision of our experts. We have got your back at each step and help you in converting your idea into a successful project.


We believe in keeping the projects simple and lucid as much as possible, regardless of how difficult the job is. We will take care of your project and administer the entire process right from the start. This means you no longer have to bear the burden of deadlines, cost management, resource management, or construction requirements.

While handling a construction, we start by designing its blueprint and then move on to more advanced steps. Similarly, the backstage tasks of any project must be handled in a stepwise manner. It starts with knowing the client’s requirements in terms of construction, time constraint, labor, and budget. 

This planning is not just limited to paper. We carry out site visits to ensure constructions are proceeding as per prior set guidelines. We also take care of all sorts of labor-management and ensure on-time completion of the project. Afterall, slacking on work in such intricate situations can cost you loads of money.

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