No one wants dripping faucets, running toilets, water leaks, and breaks. And the additional cost of repair is just cherry on top! That’s why you need to waterproof your office and home spaces with the help of our experts. We provide tailored services to meet your needs.

Does the rainy weather worry you? Are you afraid that your roof might leak? If you are nodding your heading, then lt is the time to get your ceiling and roof checked! Do you know maintenance is an equally important part of construction! Most of the people use the best materials, get the experts to do the job, everything looks top-notch but they lack in maintenance. 

Waterproofing of your home needs to be replaced and renewed after a period of time. However, with ICG’s supreme quality roofing and waterproofing, you can delay the maintenance. But, beware the cost of leakage repairs is far more than frequent maintenance charges. 

If you are overlooking your resistant leaks and bad roof condition, then it is time you give us a call. We provide cost-effective patchwork and tile replacement jobs that can take care of any leaks. The roof can be replaced or renewed as per the need. 

Waterproofing is the most essential part of the safety and durability of the structure. Our waterproofing solutions include the use of the best materials to provide long-lasting resistance from water or any other chemical substance.

Some of our expert areas are: 

  1. Bituminous coatings
  2. Torch On membranes
  3. Liquid coatings
  4. Self-adhesive membranes

Call us to Lay hands on the best of waterproofing services!